Let's stop trying to "get back to normal." Let's create the life we want to lead. 

It's time to turn the corner. It's time to feel better.

Many of us are on the precipice of another wave of change as we begin to emerge from the pandemic. The world has transformed and so have you. The question becomes if the coming changes will happen to you or if you will seize this moment as an opportunity to understand yourself better, connect more deeply with others, and create the life, organizations and communities that you long for. 

And yet...you're tired and are now facing another round of uncertainties as we begin what might be a long transition out of the pandemic. You are hurting as you navigate a seemingly unending cycle of hate-fueled violence and vitriol. You need new tools to process this global trauma and understand your emotional terrain.

Overwhelmed? Don't be. Our FEEL BETTER program will walk with you through it all, and it's completely free.  

What will I learn?

Over the next four weeks Elena Aguilar, internationally recognized resilience, equity and coaching expert, will provide you with a step-by-step FEEL BETTER program that will help you:

  • Build resilience
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Create what you want in life as you exit the pandemic

      The strategies you'll learn to navigate change will be applicable to any changes you face in life.

        Will you tell me to sleep more or meditate?

        Nope, though that's great if you want to! Here's what to expect instead: 

        • Expert guidance combined with your innate wisdom.
          • We know what strategies work and you know how they will work for you. Elena will provide you with all the ingredients you need to feel better and you will decide how to implement them in your customized FEEL BETTER recipe. One intentional step at a time. 
        • No avoidance tactics. 
          • The pathway to truly feeling better means working through the hard stuff. We won’t look away from anti-Asian violence, the thousands of deaths every day from Covid that continue, the economic challenges - in fact, by looking at them, you’ll feel better. Why? Because one of the reasons we don’t feel so good is that we don’t spend enough time with our emotions. Feeling better requires exploring emotions - including your heartbreak, rage, grief and sense of powerlessness. We’ll give those some attention and respect.
        • Taking action. 
          • Because taking action will help you FEEL BETTER. 

          What am I saying yes to?

          • Welcoming a weekly packet with never-before-seen exercises and guidance into your inbox each Monday morning for the next four weeks.
          • Finding time 5 days a week to listen to a short podcast episode in which Elena will share wisdom, insights and a strategy to feel better (we’ll release Monday-Friday but when you listen is up to you).
          • The opportunity to connect with Elena on Instagram Live as we move through this journey together.

            Is this for me?

            This is a program for everyone, it is a program that everyone needs at this moment in time, and it is a program that is most impactful when you engage in it alongside others. As a gift to our beloved community we're providing this completely free of charge, so enlist some friends, colleagues and loved ones and get excited for your weekly delivery of new tools and guidance on the four steps to FEEL BETTER.


              Weekly FEEL BETTER Guide delivered to your Inbox

              Daily guidance from Elena via short podcast episodes

              Opportunities to engage with Elena via Instagram 

              Join us today. You have everything to gain.