Have you ever experienced something racist and not known how to respond?

If you’re human, we’re guessing you have. While completely understandable, it’s also something we must change if we want to create a more just and equitable world.

If you want to interrupt racism, our What to Say When You Hear Something Racist program will prepare you to take deliberate, effective action.

What will I learn?

  • The role of your identity in responding to racism

  • Three steps that can help you navigate your emotions

  • How to recognize racism

  • A concrete framework for responding to racism

  • How to have compassion, express curiosity, and set boundaries

  • What to say if you are a person of color

    Is this for me?

    This is a program for anyone who recognizes racism exists and wants to take action to interrupt it. It is a program that everyone needs at this moment in time, and it is a program that is most impactful when you engage in it alongside others. 

    This is not the right program for anyone who needs to be convinced that racism is real.

        What am I saying yes to?

        • Making time to listen to a 13-episode podcast series 

        • Working through our podcast companion guide with big ideas and reflection questions delivered to your inbox over the course of three weeks

        As a gift to our beloved community we're providing this completely free of charge, so enlist some friends, colleagues and loved ones and get excited for your learning journey!

            WHAT'S INCLUDED

            Comprehensive podcast Companion Guide

            Thirteen-episode podcast series

            Social media prompts to expand your learning

            Join us today. You have everything to gain.